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HOPE Partnership is CFECT Grant Recipient

HOPE Partnership is honored to be a 2018 grant recipient of the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut (CFECT).

The grants were issued in alignment with the Foundation’s four priorities of empowering youth, promoting basic needs and rights, preserving the environment, and advancing animal welfare. As a result, people in Eastern Connecticut will have access to food and safe housing; hundreds of local students will have valuable educational experiences in science, the natural environment, and the arts; open space and waterways will be preserved and protected; and wild and domestic animals will receive the care they need.

HOPE was awarded $10,000 for it's outreach efforts to further its mission of educating, advocating and developing affordable housing options in Old Lyme." Executive Director Lauren Ashe stated, "we are honored to receive this grant award and greatly appreciate the support and commitment from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut to provide safe and stable homes for families in our community." Board President Tony Lyons concurred, adding that "HOPE is very grateful to CFEC for this grant, which will help HOPE step up its work east of the River.”

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