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Across Connecticut there is a shortage of affordable rental homes. The lower Connecticut River valley is no exception. Our communities are not tailored towards certain demographics. The need for affordable housing transcends age, race and gender. 


People who need affordable housing are those on fixed incomes (seniors & people with disabilities), but also low-wage working families, middle-income families, recent college graduates, veterans, etc. 


Affordable housing ensures that these folks who are important members of our communities are given the opportunity to live here.

Our latest community, The Lofts at Spencer’s Corner in Essex was completed in March of 2021 and became fully leased in less than a month. The response to this project reinforces what we all already knew, there is an overwhelming need for quality housing that is affordable to low wage workers in our area. We received over 170 inquiries for the 17 available apartments. There are currently over 100 families on our waiting list for these units. 


The following data will give you a glimpse at who these applicants are.

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